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It Was All About the Game It Was All About the Game

"It Was All About the Game" is a tribute to the career and legacy of NFL legend Brett Favre. It was so neat to get to bring my love of football, together with my passion for writing country songs, and then to get to create this tune with my Aunt Val, it was the perfect recipe for something special. Then we brought in my hugely talented Packer fan friend and producer Kelly Schoenfeld to help bring it home. We are proud of how it turned out, and just love sharing it with Packer fans and anyone who shares our love of the game.

We packaged this second print of the song in the Packers home jersey, because the Green Bay Packers brought him home and retired the #4 jersey in November of 2015. This time we packaged it with "Goin' Home" "The Way You Drive" and "She Don't Even Know My Name"

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Goin' Home (2015) Goin' Home (2015)

July 20, 2015 we released "Goin' Home", as my first solo album since "Proud" in 2006. Shortly afterwards we formed Brasher/Bogue and since then, it had been my sole musical focus. Going back to being "me" and reinventing myself as an artist was both exciting and scary, but ultimately I found it to be extremely rejuvenating. I opted to take this transitional phase of my career to document some songs that I have written over the years that matter to me a great deal, leaving behind all of my previous motivation of striving for commercial successes on the grand scales.

Co-produced along with Shannon Lawson & Harry Smith, this is far and away my most honest and heart-felt collection of songs. Most of which are true stories and many of them are about and/or for family or my dearest friends. I knew going in that "Goin' Home" wasn't destined to produce hit songs or land me a big record deal, and it definitely isn't what you'd call a rocker. As we were making it, I felt like I was channeling my inner Don Williams or Willie Nelson a bit. I am so proud of how it turned out.

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Our Price: $15.00
Proud (2006) Proud (2006)

When I moved to Nashville in 2005, I was eager to get the songs I had been writing into the studio. I was blessed enough to meet  and make friends with well respected Nashville musician Dave Fuller. He and Kelly Schoenfeld helped surround me with some of the best pickers in town and make my first Nashville studio album. This project truly helped me get things going. I'll never forget all the help that this group of pros gave a new kid in town.

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The Brasher/Bogue Project The Brasher/Bogue Project

In 2009 my friend Andy Brasher and I decided that we liked the songs we had been writing well enough that we ought to take em to a studio and record em. So that's what we did! We had 8 of them completed to be exact. Then I picked one of my favorite songs of his, "Always Somewhere Else" and he picked one of his favorites of mine, "Proud" and we lent our vocals to each others tunes, making 10 total songs, and what do ya know, we had an album. My dear friend Glenn Sweitzer with Fresh Film + Design took some pics of us, and we were on our way.

Once the album was done, we decided we'd better play a few shows. The shows got our fanbases together, both groups wondering what the heck was going on. Before long we found that they were warming up to the music and to each other quite nicely. This contingency of "Real Friends" grew quickly and always made us feel like we really had something special, and we just went with it. The amazing journeys that came there after are many, crazy, wonderful, difficult and beyond belief.


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Our Price: $15.00
By God (part one) BRASHER/BOGUE By God (part one) BRASHER/BOGUE

By 2012 Brasher/Bogue had become a real thing. We had a band, regular gigs that were actually paying, attended by people that were there to see us, and we were getting our songs played on airwaves AM, FM, XM and all. We were fresh off of our summer tour playing Kenny Chesney's pre-parties and feeling good about things. Maybe most importantly, Andy and I were writing together as well or better than ever. The first song that we took to would-be producer Harry Smith was "Drivin' with the Devil". We found ourselves right at home in his studio and immediately upon completion of that first track, we put our heads together on putting out a new album. It was somewhat out of necessity, but also what we felt was a creative way to put our next album out in two parts. So we started sorting through the songs that we had available and selected the first five tunes for "By God (part one)".

Weather another pair of ears hears it or not when they listen to it, I don't know. But we felt every single track we laid down on this disc. To me, it felt like the way music is supposed to be made. We didn't slack on one bit of this album, and by the time we called it "done" we were tired and proud. Things were really getting good!


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By God (part two) BRASHER/BOGUE By God (part two) BRASHER/BOGUE

As we toured hard through the summer and fall of 2012, proudly promoting the first half of the "By God" record, Andy and I would often talk about the second half and songs we may or may not bring to it. We would write and re-write them, and then try them on stage night after night. By the time we got back in to Harry's studio in 2013, we had a pretty solid idea of what we were going for. "By God (part two)" does carry on the same them of the album, but it has a decidedly "funner" feel.

Once again, the process of tracking these songs with this group of guys was truly rewarding and made whatever frustrations we were having to overcome on a daily basis, very well worth it. Brasher/Bogue was a band.

Andy Brasher - Lead Vocals/Lead & Rhythm Guitar/Harmonica
Dustin Bogue - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Big John Adkisson - Bass
Chris Sogard - Drums/Harmony Vocals
Kris "Mudbone" Caldwell - Lead Guitar/Harmony Vocals

Harry Smith, Jim Heep, Tim Starnes, Jim Shields, Ben-Jammin' Jordan, Chris Anderson & Tim Galloway were key players in helping us grow.

In January of 2015, Andy and I decided it was time to resume our individual musical aspirations. It was really hard to let go of something that was so very special to us, that we had put so much into, and that so many people felt so passionately about. When I told my son Blaine about our decision we cried together. But still, it was the right thing. I will always cherish the memories made in the seven year period of my life that was BRASHER/BOGUE.

-Real Friends Forever!


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PICK 2! Signed CD Package PICK 2! Signed CD Package

Can't decide? Pick any two CD's that you'd like to add to your collection!

You can even have them customized and signed to you or the db fan that you will be giving them to!

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